Delaynder Belmonte

An intimidating bastard with religious conviction.


Physical Description: Years of training and combat have kept Delayn tough and muscled. Combined with his tall stature he has a rather intimidating appearance. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are a dark emerald. His encroaching age and strained life leaves him slightly wrinkled and sparse grey hairs dot areas of his head.

Personality Description: Being raised as a noble has given Delayn a keen eye for diplomatic ventures and a dignified poise. Being raised in the church gave him a religious fervor and a shrewd intellect. Being an inquisitor gave him the sternest gaze to ever pierce the soul of a Drathor heretic. Delayn hunts heretical targets given by the church and proselytizes the towns by trade, but rarely interferes in personal worship. He see’s his role as a religious adviser as keeping the nobles in line with the ambitions of the church. While not quick to anger, he is quick to punish and interrogate to get the results he wants. In some ways he is Machiavellian, but without much power to back it up. In the end he’s nothing more than a bastard who rejected power; a follower and not a leader.


Delaynder Belmonte was born to his adventurous father Maraver Belmonte, a local noble in Dyodthyo, and a female lover he never identified. (In all actuality his mother was Lady Margarete of House Bellender) Delaynder was born in a rather awkward position; his father had no other children yet and remained the last of his line. This kept Delaynder in an odd limbo of prestige and hatred. While being a bastard, he may someday need to be legitimized and made the heir. As such, Delaynder spent his younger years in the seclusion of his father’s castle. Despite being a bastard, Delaynder was treated respectfully by his father and kept in the highest luxuries. At the age of six Delaynder was sent to be a ward of Sir Plasez Holedier, a veteran knight and administrator. While being tutored by Sir Holedier, Delaynder befriended the lord’s other ward, Cassander Aldo. Although Cass was two years older than himself, the two quickly took on to being friends and accomplices. Their friendship bloomed as they were tutored in swordplay, diplomacy and the art of being a noble. This continued for six years, until about midway through Delaynder’s twelfth year. At this time his father, Maraver, finally conceived a trueborn child. Once the child lived its’ first few months Delaynder was no longer a potential future heir. He was promptly taken from Sir Holedier and sent off to be taught by the Drathor Church. Not only would this keep him away from the other nobles, but also disinherit him further. Delaynder was promptly initiated into the church and began training as an Acolyte.

Throughout his new education Delaynder kept his correspondence with his friend Cass, and the two remained fairly close. Delaynder himself came to enjoy his place in the church, quickly graduating to new ranks and taking onto the religion with fervor. By the age of eighteen Delaynder had become a young inquisitor for the church. With the rampant spread of heresy in the land his order was more needed than ever. However, Delaynder was abruptly asked to return to his home not long after his graduation. Upon his return Delaynder learned that his father’s heir had died from a wave of sickness. His father humbled himself before Delaynder and swore to not only legitimize him, but make him his permanent heir. Delaynder scoffed at his father, saying “I belong to the church now.” before leaving his father’s castle for good. Delaynder returned home briefly to attend Cassander’s marriage before leaving on church duties until the age of 28. At this time his father died, still heirless. The lands of his family passed to a new family: the House Aldo. The string of relations places Delaynder’s father as cousin to Cassander’s father, making him a potential heir. A succession war broke out over the inheritance, of which Delaynder took no part, and resulted in House Aldo annexing the land. However, Delaynder now lacked funding from his father’s house and had come to resent the church he worked for. He returned to his long friend Cassander and requested to work for him. Graciously, he accepted, and Delaynder came into the service of his friend as a religious advisor. He has followed him faithfully since, continuing his mission of rooting out heresy whilst assisting his lifelong friend. He now follows his friend to Culuhparon to advise, proselytize and fight at his side.

Delaynder Belmonte

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