Levante Varoh

Survivor hardened by life


Physically: Being foreign born, Levant stands out, and above the average crowd. She is tall for a woman, but not exceptionally tall at roughly 5’10" of mostly muscle. She has a darker complexion than most with a brown skin tone and dark eyes; she is not stunningly beautiful, but by no means repulsive. Her black hair is kept very close and never allowed to grow out. Approximately in her late twenties.

Personality: Levante is straight forward and of good, but guarded, humor. She has interest in neither political nor romantic intrigue. She prefers to be in the thick of it, either leading the charge or coordinating with others directly rather than orchestrating schemes. She values survival, strength and swiftness above all else, giving little pity to the weak and old. She serves no gods. As an member of the Order of the Dragon, she is well aware that the lone wolf dies quickly, while the pack thrives.


Levante Varoh was born far away from Portong, into a plainstribe tribe that lived and died by the horse. In her tribe, she was taught everything from breaking to stealing horses, and had a natural knack with the beasts, easily out riding boys her age. When she was 16, a rival tribe raided their camp and kidnapped her, eventually selling her as a house servant to the visiting nobleman Kalmas Parut from the city of Dthan.

Once the group returned from the business to Dthan, Parut held a banquet to celebrate successful business deals with many far flung ports for exotic merchandise. After many hours of drinking Parut attempted to bed Levante against her will. His pale member stood no chance against the knife Varoh had secreted away with in her boot. After a freshly executed castration, Varoh escaped through a window and stole a horse from the stables to a nearby town. In town, she proved as a talented farrier and had earned a small reputation for breaking the most stubborn stallions.

After a few years, Dthan’s cavalier order held a tourney for a chance to be trained as a cavalier. Varoh’s blacksmith business partner lent her old armor so she could compete under his name without drawing unwanted attention. Levante skillfully rose through the brackets to the championship versus Balok Parut, the only son and heir to the now aged Kalmas Parut. With a swift single charge Levante speared Balok through the eye with incredible swiftness and accuracy. The amazed judges demanded to see the champion’s face. With a flourish, Varoh took of her helm and stared down a stunned Kalmas. She pridefully accepted the prizes and was accepted into the order for five years of training and service. After the tourney a man a representative of Zjollem with the offer of the position of equair to which Levante accepted. Once she had completed her training and service she quickly turned to ruling and running her fief. She was not quite surprised to find her fief lacking from dire mismanagement. Outlaws were rampant and fields were fallow and the earth was sunbaked as the locals were unaccustomed to the small plain the fief consisted of. Varoh outed all current magistrates and told them to leave or be imprisoned and installed marshals she personally trained from locals that proved themself capable regardless of social position in their place. Next she taught local farmers the nuances of horse rearing to replace the failing crops. With a newly trained and mounted militia, the bandits were easily routed by the local militia, with Varoh often leading headlong into the battle. The fief prospered until the plague struck the land, Varoh’s land still suffered, though survived well thanks to a quarantine policy that let dead men die, that many criticized as being cruel.

Currently Levante’s fief has decentralized more towards the tribal system she was born into. She and her officers remain firmly in control and the land has been very peaceful, with disputes being settled by the parties, often times in the form of a duel. The fief has started becoming renowned for it’s horses and the men (and women) that ride them. Title itself means little with no ability to back it up, and that is a well known fact here. This thinking has attracted common folk from all over, but has been taken by some nobility as a slight, though few would question the quality of horse rearing or how well laws (most of them anyway) are kept. Most nobility see it as an oddity and an attractor of ruffians they are glad to have off their land. Levante’s riders (some people would call them a warband) keep the plains well patrolled and Levante will sometimes lead expeditions through neighboring fiefs herself, which isn’t always appreciated, but never addressed. On one such patrol, one of Levante’s outriders reported peculiar activity nearby, probably bandits that were unfamiliar with the fief and it’s equair. Having been at least two monthes since the last good fight the band had seen, they kicked their stallions and mares into a silent flight. Levante’s mare drew to a stop as she saw a queer sight: a small camp had been set in a little valley and she could see a large man seeming to be lured into a trap. Levante turned toward her attendant and gave him the command: “Kill the dogs. Leave the stag for me. Remember, the eyes and hearts.” With that Levante started the battlecry and the charge, quickly followed by her riders. The warband’s lances and glaives were quenched that day, though none more thirstily as Levante’s. Having carved her way to what they had pitched for a tent, she noticed that surprisingly hulking man was both still alive and had the royal seal amongst the decorations of his armor. Turning back to the bandit leader at hand, she quickly knocked him unconscious with the butt of her weapon. Turning her attention back to the rest of the fighting, she noticed an archer had freshly loosed an arrow toward her. The stag of a man reappeared with a leap and intercepted the bolt. He seemed to have a respectable bloodlust to him, even more so when he broke the arrow intended for her. He started to chase after the offending archer, but Levante beat him to the mark. After the last man had been ran down, the war band surrounded Skuld and waited for Varoh to decide what to do with the man. She quickly praised his combat skills and his readiness to make sacrifices, but warned him that a stag should not so readily wander into a wolf’s den. After further discussion with him on who he was, and why he was there. After that day, Skuld was always welcome to join the band. Levante and he often go on hunts and man hunts, assuring the peace while at the same time fighting off boredom.

Levante Varoh

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