The Atlas

The Atlas

It would be most fitting to divide the world into the places within the Drathorium and the places without; however, such a divide would press the limits of regional understanding. The borders of the Realm of the Appointee were not drawn for the sake of easy recognition. As such, the authors have decided to divide the world into its regional constituent parts. Places are grouped according to adherence, in actuality or in proposal, to each of the five Churches.

The First Church: Near

Patriarchy of Greater Drath
Regal Thatapasotry of Motlamar
Thatapasotry of Yueno

The Second Church: Barsat, Sonbah, and Qven

Patriarchy of Portong
Regal Thatapasotry of Kongir
Thatapasotry of Nassarst
Thatapasotry of Kezra and Allenoleltos
Thatapasotry of Sonbah

The Third Church: Suran

Patriarchy of Surun
Thatapasotry of Qolontol

The Fourth Church: Mintin

Patriarchy of Mintin

The Fifth Church: Koronir and Suerma

Patriarchy of Doss
Thatapasotry of Fennwyn

The Atlas

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