The Faiths


In the deserts of Near, the Trachor have worshiped the dragon deity Io, called “Iosot” (literally “Holy Io”) in the liturgy, since their beginnings as a people. Their Motlamaeryen Empire spread worship of Io to all corners of their known world, including to the Eastern Horn of Near where He is known as Orisoth.

After Motlamar fell, worship of Orisoth continued in the scattered cities of Near, but without the protection of the Empire, overseas invaders began to come to the Eastern Horn to conquer and pillage. One such city, Drath, faced countless attacks by the foreign land of Kut in Portong. At this time the First Absolute Truth occurred: the King of Kut kidnapped the daughter of the King Aed of Drath, who swore he would win a perfect bloodless victory in retrieving her.

When Aed’s promise came true exactly as he had sworn, the priesthood of Drath declared it divine intervention, and proclaimed Orisoth ‘appointed’ Aed as His chosen representative in the mortal world. Thus Drathorism was founded, at the time little more than a cult of personality.

As Drath became more and more successful in the following years, believers recognized Aed’s ancestors as heirs to his appointation. Through the Appointee’s guile, wisdom and divine favor, Drath grew into a world-wide Empire spanning from Koronir in the west to Mintin in the east, often called the Drathorium.

The Appointee’s role and power in the Drathorium have waxed and waned over the centuries, hovering somewhere between ceremonial lord and authoritative emperor. He collects a tithe/tax between 2.5% and 10% from his vassals, acts as a political arbiter, leads church rites, issues theological declarations, declares Absolute Truths, and when necessary, can raise a host of levies from Drathor nations.

Orisothism also worships four particular archangels called Hands, believed to have been created by Orisoth to better represent his followers. They are Dayderran the angel of protection, Dayaderra the angel of benevolence, Masseran the angel of conquest, and Massadera the angel of wrath.

San L’essu

San L’essu is an extremely important saint and cultural figurehead, especially in Portong. The legend goes that L’essu, also known as Eletzu, was born in Portong before its conquest by Drath. She adopted Drathorism while the rest of the nation was still pagan, and traveled to Sonbah as a missionary with her brother Kiwar. The two discovered that the people of Sonbah were enslaved by six Demons: Field, River, Lake, Hill, Mountain and Cave. One by one, with the grace of Orisoth and his sister’s prayer, Kiwar slayed each Demon and freed the people of Sonbah, who revered Orisoth as their savior. L’essu returned to Portong where she converted the first generation of believers and created the religious community that would help overthrow the King of Portong years later. Upon visiting her brother in Sonbah, she found that he had renounced his faith and returned the people to slavery under himself as the king. L’essu saw Kiwar was under the influence of a seventh devil, Faith. She mustered her own power and exercised the horror. Kiwar was killed, but is believed to have been acting against his will and is thus revered today. L’essu is now the patron saint of Sonbah and an international icon of piety and bravery.


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The Faiths

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