The People

Characters Relevant to the Campaign

In alphabetical order by first name.

Mayor of Lome

Adin Enzorair
Count of Enzorel, brother of Falisa

Albrecht Great-Zjollem
Pravit Great-Zjollem’s son and heir, husband of Farah

Cara Aldo
Daughter of Raoul and Flora, sister of Ilyana

Cassander Aldo
Bastard of Lionel, husband of Falisa, half-brother of Raoul and Timothy

Cyuryo Enzorair
Brother to Yudolan, captain of the Valley Troup mercenaries

Danion Lusterlind
De jure lord of Lusterlind Keep, Master of the Mint of Culuhparon, son of the late Lord Dossan Lusterlind, brother of the late Githian and the late Dorlon

Delaynder Belmonte
Bastard of Maraver, clandestine bastard of Margarete Bellander

Dossan Lusterlind
Late Lord of Lusterlind Keep, vassal of Pachrich Great-Flask, father of the late Githian, the late Dorlon, and Danion

Erich Enzorair
Duke of Veliburk, vassal of Dyodthyo, liege of Lional

Falisa Enzorair Aldo
Sister to Adin Enzorair, wife of Cassander Aldo

Farah Enzorair Great-Zjollem
Daughter and heiress of Yudolan, wife of Ablrecht Great-Zjollem

Flora Serre Aldo
Husband of Raoul, mother of Ilyana and Cara

Gallice Jayat
Count of Hautmont, brother of Yoanen and Tasso III

Ilyana Aldo
Late daughter of Raoul and Flora, sister to Cara

Kalmas Parut
Nobleman merchant in Dthan, father of the late Balok

Lional Aldo
Count of Wheskaar and Belmonte, vassal of Erich Enzorair, father of Cassander, Raoul, and Timothy

Levante Varoh
Equair to Pravit Great-Zjollem, cavalier of the Order of the Dragon

Maraver Belmonte
Late Count of Belmonte, father of Delaynder Belmonte and a late infant heir

Margarete Bellender
Clandestine mother of Delaynder Belmonte

Pachrich “the Warrior” Great-Flask
Duke of Forektina, liege of the Lusterlind Family

Plasez Holedier
Tutor of Cassander and Delaynder

Pravit Great-Zjollem
Duke of Zjollem, father of Albrecht

Prisca Jayat Aldo
Daughter and heiress of Tasso III Jayat, wife of Timothy Aldo

Raoul Aldo
Son and heir of Lional, husband of Flora, father of Ilyana and Cara

Skuld Stormcaller
Master of Defence to Yudolan, blood-brother of Rothgor

Tasso III Jayat
Count of Soretra, brother of Gallice and Yoanen, father of Prisca

Timothy Aldo
Son of Lional, husband of Prisca Jayat, brother to Raoul, half-brother to Cassander

Yoanen Jayat
Count of Kharest, brother of Gallice and Tasso III

Yudolan Enzorair
Count of Culuhparon, father of Farah and the late Kennan and Shiloh, brother to Cyuryo


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The People

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