Ares Stormcaller

Skulds EX psycho. Barb/Rouge.


Ares was born roughly around the same time as Skuld. The two had always been close growing up and were even lovers in their late teens. All seemed well with them until the clans split from throngers actions. As conflict kept rising and her constant screams for peace went unheard the final straw was plucked when a group of war thirst stormcallers had slain her own family despite their lack of disposition towards the conflicts. It was all to get to Ares whom in blood furious rage lept at them with daggers drawn she put her skills of crafting poisons to good use in extracting her revenge not only on the Stormcallers but the rest of the blood thirsty clans as well. Where her goal started out as Revenge and attempts to bring peace they soon faded into biterness and resentment. The clans believed her to be dead , having seen her fall off a cliff along the sea side. Instead she had survived the fall and stowed away all the way to portung. Here she used every trick she had to gain power as a leader amongst several bandit groups merging them together. Still she often thought back to her past lover , so much to her surprise when she heard rumors of another Clans member in the area she lept for joy thinking of all the fun she would have with him as she sharpened her dagger and brewed new poison. Afterall , you hurt the ones you love right?

Seductive , teasefull , ruthless and down right sadistic.
When having the chance and time to she tortures her victims, often she will lend aid in causing mischief somewhere no matter what the end goal is. She simply just wants to watch the world burn.

Appearance: Lightly tanned skin tone with long raven black hair. Crimson eyes.

Skills known for: Poison making , expert at small arms and incredibly quick and agile.

Class: Barbarian 1: Rouge 3.


Ares Stormcaller

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