Dust Stormcaller



Dust is one of the few bards to exist within the stormcaller clan. Most beraded him for his love of musical instruments and his story telling. Thinking back there was only truly one whom enjoyed it and helped him with his talents. That would be skuld , he has many fond memories of them in the valley. He looked up to skuld almost like he was his older brother, when he found out that skuld had left the village he demanded to be able to go after and join him. For months he was refused the chance to leave , and it kept growing more and more irksome for him. Finally one night he entered rothgors quaters and told him no matter what he was leaving. “Clan or not my destiny is out there! Not trapped here in this struggle for power and unity , not watching our beloved home become a warzone.” he shouted with the most determine look he had his whole life. Rothgor simply started howling in laughter before saying “I can see your mind is made up…….very well go. I worry for skuld so ill have this be your mission. Find skuld and assist him however you can. Oh and one more thing , your not the only one determined to find him” at that moment Dust turned to see a man most assumed dead along with Rothgor and Skulds father. “Variden?……I thought…” he began before the older man smiled. "Was dead? You should know Stormcallers are harder to kill then that. " And with that the two were off , speaking to master blythe they learned that the last he heard or saw of Skuld was a journey far away on another continent. Bewildered by the distance but not demoralized the two found a ship willing to transport them to their destination. As Dust sat at the front of the ship his only thoughts were of meeting his long lost friend. When the time came when they met again however he had noticed the once happy and carefree Skuld was now someone of biterness and anger more then one of happiness. He worried for his friend…his goal is to try and save Skuld from his worse enemy yet. Himself.


Dust Stormcaller

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