Skuld Stormcaller

Peaceful Barbarian struggling to keep his ideals alive in a world that seems to only kill them.



Music that inspires Skulds character

Roughly 5 ’ 11 Skuld does not tower as much as rothgor does but he still remains just as strong due to the clans training he undertook most of his life. Despite being only 20 years old in the campaign his hair is a silvery white. He tends to enjoy wearing a heavy cloak that hides most of his body since his physique tends to scare most people he interacts with. Beneath the cloak he tends to like keep himself lightly armored with leather armor with etching’s and marks worn by the shamans of his clan.

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Goal: Soul searching himself for the conviction needed to advance his clan. Wants to help them become more then just brutes and feral shamans while still keeping their traditions alive and well.

Personality: Very passionate , witty and comical when not in the throw of battle he tries to keep everyones morale up. He does his best to help erase any fear or doubt those around him face. In battle however when using his blocked rage to channel his blood lust he is ferocious and scary , howling as he rips his enemies to shreds with ease. He will do anything to protect his ideals or comrades. He prefers to solve things peacefully at first , but when peace fails he makes sure his axe does not.

Clothes: (will be described when i decide his place in the campaign)


Skuld’s Origin.
Deep in the village of the stormcallers huddled over a makeshift table was Skuld, furiously writing away at his quil as he wrote his ideas onto the page. Sometimes in plain old regular speech , but other times hed write in verse and poetry. He had always loved the art of a good song or story and was known by many to tell some of the greatest storys the villagers have ever heard. Always the passionate one he losses track of time and those around him as his quill furiously moves along its guided path on the course paper. Leaving only the sound of scribiling followed by an occasionally melodic hum by Skuld to fill the room. Once rothgor returned with a few outsiders to help re unite the clans Skulds love of travel and story telling only grew with each story of their epic tale. As time passed and Rothgor furiously debated and sometimes fought (not to the death. In most cases at least) with the other tribes trying to restore the clans once more Skuld soon found even he would not be able to carry on peace like he so wished to. The tribe council one day called Skuld to meet with them. Once there they kept pressuring him to take up arms the same as rothgor had done, and despite his pleas they would not listen to him. They said his idea of peace was nothing but childish fantasy and that it was long time he put his training to use. Skuld furious and fearful cursed the council and bolted from the room. He ran as far as he could going well past the normal distance hed travel. Close to the mountains he saw some caves , wanting to vent and release some of the anger he was struggling to keep burried deep he traveled up the steep slope , climbing to reach his goal. Where upon hearing the growl of trained wolves and the shouts of men he wish he hadnt dared climb the steep path. He barely had time to try and climb down before he was picked up and thrown against the cave wall. Howling out in pain drowned by the wolves snarls Skuld crawled up to a defensive stance just in time to grab the snarling beast lunging for his throat by its jaws. Tossing it aside still to afraid to let his anger seethe out he panted for breath quickly scanning for an exit. When seeing he was surronded by the men who wore the clan symbol that rothgors child hood friend throngar once belonged to he at once knew he was out skilled in this fight. Options running thin and death drawing nearer to him the mens snickers of thrill for the hunt soon turned to shock as a mighty howl echoed through the cave and with a mighty leap over a low edge above Skuld came jumping none other then Rothgor. (que long fight sequence here where atm im to lazy to describe in great detail).

Despite having the advantage rothgor fell victim to one of the mens blades slashing the back of his heels causing rothgor to fall to the ground gasping as his anger soon took its toll on his fatigue. Cowering Skuld shut his eyes as he heard the men cheer as one of the biggest walked forward to execute Rothgor. Skuld then knew he had no choice, Rothgor presented a better future for all the clans. He was needed if they were to ever become greater then what they were. If there was to ever be a lasting peace between theirs and other people. Gripping a stone and opening his eyes he let all his pent up anger lash out at that moment and with a howl with as much might to almost rival rothgors he sprang into action first flinging the rock with such strength that their executor felt deaths cool touch in a instant. Sprinting with speed rivaling the fastest of the clans skulds hands soon clenched rothgors prized axe and beheaded the first warrior foolish to advance to him. He was determined , he would no longer idly wish for a better future. Skuld would craft one for himself no matter what it took , he vowed with his clans strength hed crush any creature or being that stood in his way. Anyone that threatened another ones peace would soon become an enemy of Skuld. And so a new tale was told by the fearful ones who fled that encounter , one of how rothgor was not the only terror to walk out of the Stormcallers tribe.

After the fight and returning to their clan ridden with guilt Skuld did not leave rothgors side as many healers tended to rothgors injury. Although repairing his ability to walk it was found that Rothgors speed had been greatly reduced and that prolonged strain on it tired him out quicker then it had before. But still fierce as ever he works hard to reunite the clans. Seeing Skulds resolve that day rothgor decided it was Skulds right to adventure himself. To seek what he so desperately wanted, Skuld argued at first that he should stay and help rothgor but was soon hushed by Rothgors thundering laugh.

“Skuld my brother I do hate that due to the past I missed seeing you grow into the man you are now. If not for the people I met and the lives I helped save I might have been swallowed whole by my anger that we use to fight. I see yours burns just as strong as my own and that is the reason why you must leave. Go and find your own adventure and learn of your own truth. When you feel you have learned all that you can and you believe you are ready some day return home. I will do my best to insure that you have a home to return to.”

And with that Skuld found himself leaving the valleys he called home for so long. At first he traveled with Rothgors past comrades and friends. But soon found that his place was not meant to be amongst them , his journeys eventually brought him to Portong. Little known to him as he first set his steps on this land this is where his story would become his own. This was where it would start.

Skuld in Portong:

Wandering aimlessly in the strange but fascinating new land Skuld found himself in one of the continents more prominent sea trading city’s. Moving through the crowded streets he found himself in a court yard filled mostly with younger children around a fountain laughing and playing. As he tried to walk past a young boy ran into him. The boys eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he saw the tall heavily cloaked figure. Smiling down to help relieve some of the fear he patted the child on the head and as the others crowded around asking all sorts of questions he let out a hearty laugh indulging the children. He told them many stories and even played on his flute for them enjoying their laughs. It was peacefull, but as most times of peace conflict was swiftyl arising. Soon the court yard was filled with shady characters. A local thief guild that has had a habit of being rough was robbing people of their money. Skuld saw that even the town guards would turn a blind eye , heavily out numbered and not wanting to get hurt. Anger started to swell in Skuld and as one of the bandits made his way towards him and the kids he uttered one command.
“Stay behind me.” he ordered the kids as they huddled and complied afraid of the bandits.

Before the bandit could even threaten the stranger and the children Skuld moved quick. Dropping the cloak revealing his tribal like armor he moved with more speed then the bandits were used to. Grabbing hold of his warhammer Skuld made quick work shattering the bones in the bandits left leg leaving him howling as he moved onto the next one. Like a beast chassing down its pray one by one he shattered the bandits bones , they didnt deserve death, all for one at least. In the chaos of the fight Skuld heard one of the kids shout as a bandit took the little boy hostage.

Skuld spun and ran as fast as he could but he coudnt get there in time. In panic the kid bit the bandit causing him to swear loudly then impale his blade into the child. This image would be forever burned in skulds mind, he dosent even clearly remember what happened to the bandit only that what was left barely counted as a human corpse. Covered in blood Skuld sank to his knees doing his best to try and help the boy whose soul had already fled this world.

Word quickly traveled around about the man who took out more then half of the infamous thief guild. Soon skuld found himself in the court of Count Yudolan. Yudolan curious of Skulds talents had offered him the position as Chief of Defense to his land. Sensing Skulds want for peace but all he got was a soulless answer from Skuld each time. For two weeks Yudolan kept asking Skuld despite his other advisers wishes and suggestions. Eventually Skuld was alone with Yudolan as they both talked. In this talk Skuld was inspired by Yudolan and even , for reasons unknown to Skuld at the time, felt that the spirits favored Yudolan. He swore to do his best to keep Yudolans land safe whilst he searched for his own peace and answers to the world.


It was barely a few days into his new job as being the Counts defense yet he had already made a name for himself. The politicians and higher nobles looked down on him for being of lesser born worth. They viewed him as to “Simplistic” skuld would scoff at the term. He did hate having to dress up and present himself when attending meetings and courts with the count. However when he wasnt having to deal with snakes in hiding he would begin his other part of the job. Abandoning his robes and suits he would done his armor and with a small group of guards , or most of the time alone, travel to areas threatened by bandits thieves and dangerous wild life and due well to prove his worth to the count. It is in these acts that he came across Levante. While tracking down a local bandit group on his own he found himself lured into a trap. As bandits hollered demands at him once they saw his royal seal they licked their lips in what they believed to be a easy meal ticket. But before Skuld could show them how wrong their thoughts were a sounding war cry pierced the small valley they found themselves in when a militia on horse back came barreling in killing most bandits in one swoop. As the remaining bandits tried to mount a counter attack Skuld moved quick, climbing the sides he focused his efforts on making the bandit archers focus on him or lose their heads for not doing so. Gone were the days where he’d give his enemies mercy , now he moved quickly demonstrating his strength and power by finishing foes off and moving quickly to the next. It seemed almost as if death was riding the winds of battle and leaving a trail of bodies behind as his only proof of his presence on the battle field. When making it to their base he found a female with a royal crest locked in combat with the bandits leader. Skuld had to admire her strength , in these lands he found unlike his village most females tended to not show skills in combat or strength. He had little time to admire as a bandit archer he had missed revealed himself drawing back his bow. With little time to react Skuld moved in the way taking the arrow to his back and much to Levantes surprise. If she had concerned it was erased when without even flinching Skuld snapped the shaft of the arrow and turned towards the bandit whom fled screaming for his life. From there all that was left was clean up and to investigate the bandits hide out. After words Levante and Skuld talked often and even partnered up when it came to clearing out some bandits or enjoying in some hunting. The pair made each and every encounter almost like a game keeping track of who killed the most or who killed the strongest foe or creature. Soon throughout the land whispers amongst the lower class talked of a man and a woman who seemed to be reapers of death that moved with the wind, claiming any who threaten the peace of the land.

First attempt at taking back Lusterlind Keep.

“You are a fool” came the chill reply from Levante as Skuld and her walked down the halls from the late night meeting with council members.
“You often call me that , what actions of mine this time have rubbed you the wrong way levy?” came the cynical but teasing remark from Skuld as he turned a corner.
“Spare the nicknames Skuld, and you know damn well what I mean. I saw that look you got in your eyes when Danion asked the assembly to allocate funds and men to help reclaim lusterlind.”
“You mean the one where no one stood up or offered their assistance?” she recognized that tone of voice, skuld had always had his moments of intent passion.
And right now she knew that the call of war and conflict was singing to him in a way he could not possibly resist. Before she had been willing to do clean up in areas not officaly ordered. But she had noticed the kind but strong hearted barbarian has been odd lately. Where as before if a enemy had begged for mercy he would show it due to his kind nature. But now when he killed he sometimes seemed to become more and more of a beast. Giving no mercy to any enemy he came across. It may just be her over thinking but something just didnt feel right about him lately.

“Very well to make sure you dont get yourself killed we will hunt with the pack.” came her cool reply as she jogged up to walk ahead of him. “You just want in on the action to dont you levy” came the same sarcastic reply and same sarcastic grin from skuld.

“Shut up” was levys only reply.

The night was cool as Skuld and levy along with their guards made their quick advance to the keep. It would be hard to take it , the plague had killed any defense but now bandits were in the corpse of the ancient keep well able to defend from the moat protecting its front with natural cliffs and mountains on its rear. They knew they had to make quick work to get across before they could close the bridge. Sneaking up and easily dispatching the outside guards they felt everything was going to plan until a loud wringing could be heard and they turned to see the bridge being slowly raised.

“But how….” skuld started, he had been sure they had not been seen or made any noise. He caught a glimpse of someone standing amongst the top of the walls for a second. He blinked..“no… cant be…..”

Levante now busy with alerted bandits coming to reinforce the base had barely caught sight of skuld Barreling with impressive speed towards the bridge.

“Skuld you fool!” she shouted turning to charge but soon found her men and skulds were to entrenched in fighting to help him.

With a mighty leap and catching his axe on the end Skuld caught himself on the bridge balancing and leaping off onto the wall slaying two guards in quick succession. If Skulds mind had not been clouded he wouldve cut the chains lowering the bridge , perhaps the night would of ended differently.

Instead again seeing the haunting image he chased after someone he knew coudnt be there. So consumed in his questioning he neglected to even notice the lack of bandits attempting to stop him. Soon he found himself in what appeared to be a cathedral where a long note from a grand piano drew his attention to the far back center of the room. Beneath torchs and painted glass windows sat at the organ a woman with jet black hair that ran down her whole back. Her skin was tanned bronze and he hands glided with deadly speed and precision. As Skuld walked forward his fears became reality , it was Ares.

“Ares……how.” He began but was interrupted.

“Shh its almost at the end….” Ares began to pick up the pace just as she did three bandits came rushing in eyes set on Skuld.

Skuld wasted no time , he broke free from his questioning mind at last. Questions could be asked after they took the keep and Ares. The bandits posed little threat but came in endless numbers as the song picked up in a feverish pace. As the final note was struck Skuld struck his axe in the head of the last bandit who foolishly charged him. Just as he spun around to try and find Ares his vision was filled by her beautiful grin that often had made his heart stop before back in their youth. Now literally, as she opened a jar letting poison gas to freely flow as she stabbed Skuld in the side with a dagger leaving it there as he choked on air breething in most of the gas. As he layed on the ground hands shakingly reaching for the dagger his eyes watering as coughs racked his body over and over he could hear he chuckle above him.

“Did you enjoy the song? It was inspired by your clan afterall.” she walked around the slowly dying Skuld as a predator toying with their prey would.

Before she could continue to monalogue anymore however a loud hissing caught her attention as an arrow whizzed by her head. She wasted no time in trying to identify the attackers. She knew who they were , she had at least hope it would’ve took them longer to get here.

As darkness seemed to creep in around him he felt himself being lifted. He slowly looked at his saviors. One was his cousin Dust Stormcaller. The other was a man he had not seen in forever. Variden Stormcaller , brother to Rothogrs and Skulds father and the most spiritual member of their tribe. Why were they here? How was Ares alive? Why here of all places?

These questions bombarded Skulds mind just as his uncles healing powers took effect and Skuld slipped into sleep. He was far from deaths clutches and the following nights would be some of the worse in his life yet.

Skuld Stormcaller

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